In an incident that has sent shockwaves across the state, at least 30 young women, hailing from Assam’s Barak valley  has reportedly leveled serious allegations of human trafficking against a placement agency going by the name of Fabtax Private Limited.

The victims of the alleged human trafficking racket has accused the agency of misleading them by falsely claiming to offer nursing jobs outside the state of Assam.

According to reports, out of the 30 women allegedly held in captivity, 19 managed to escape while 11 are still trapped in Uttar Pradesh’s Ghaziabad.

The women complained to the police that the company deceived them under the guise of providing jobs in the nursing industry.

The victims claimed that they were supposed to be recruited by reputed hospitals. But, much to their surprise, they ended up being taken to Delhi and then to Ghaziabad and Kapashera in Haryana without their knowledge.

As per the police, the women had undergone training in Nursing at an institute in Silchar and most of them had limited education.

The women alleged that they were kept in confinement in conditions which were similar to a brothel. They were also allegedly pressurized to get involved in illegal activities.

However, the placement agency has refuted the claims and allegations leveled against them by the women citing a “successful history in job placement”.

The agency claimed that the allegations were being made to tarnish their image.

The cops have launched an investigation to look into the matter.

Meanwhile, earlier last week, Parasmoni Bora, Dimbeswar Bora’s married daughter from Madhuchuk village­, Dikhari Kinar, went missing since January 24, leaving he­r family deeply unsettle­d.

The­ deep-seate­d fear in the family was that Parasmoni might be caught in a human trafficking racket since­ her necessary ide­ntification documents like PAN card and voter card were with her.