In the winter season, a landslide occurred once again in Sonapur, Meghalaya. Due to this, the people traveling through that route suffered from the traffic jam problem throughout the day. The incident took place on Thursday morning in front of the Sonapur tunnel in Meghalaya.

According to reports, mud and stones came down from the mountains on National Highway 6 in front of Sonapur tunnel in Meghalaya early this morning due to heavy rain. And in this, traffic was stopped on that part of the road. However, within a few moments of the incident, they started to remove the mud from the road.

Meghalaya Administration. But hundreds of vehicles were stuck on both sides before the road was cleared. Sources say that traffic was closed for about 5 hours on that part of the road. The passengers along with the driver suffered a lot. However, within five hours, the administration workers were able to clear the collapse of a part of the road and start traffic as one way. First the stranded passenger cars are allowed to go. But hundreds of vehicles got stuck causing severe traffic jams. It repeatedly obstructed traffic. Sources say, on the one hand, the traffic is arranged as a one-way, but the cleaning continues in parallel. After a day of cleaning, in the late afternoon, the street. The section was cleared completely and the traffic flow was normalized. However, local sources say that the road was closed for a few hours and then the road remained one-way for the rest of the day. Traffic is stuck for hours. If it rains at night, there is a possibility of another landslide in front of the Sonapur tunnel.