Higher Secondary Examination Question Paper Leaked in Hailakandi. The sensational incident took place at the Government Victoria Memorial Higher Secondary School in Hailakandi. Police arrested a student named Abdul Quddus Barabhoiya for his involvement in this incident. As well as the question paper Confiscated mobile, The police also seized a mobile phone used in the leak.

Wednesday was the MIL examination of high school. The examination of the second shift begins as usual. During the examination, that student named Abdul Quddus was in the examination 

After using the mobile phone, the matter came to the notice of some invigilator. He brought the matter to the notice of Exam Center Supervising Officer Dilawa Dasta Alam Khan. Supervising Officer Pott immediately informed the matter to the in-charge of the examination center and the Principal Rajshree Sarkar. Rajshree Hailakandi Sadar filed a case with the police, the police swung into action and arrested the accused student for investigation.

that starts It is known that shortly after the examination started, there was a great uproar after the question paper was leaked. The accused student allegedly smuggled question papers and answers through WhatsApp. Instantly in the WhatsApp group. Question papers and answers keep circulating. The complaint reached Additional District Magistrate Trideep Roy in charge of Education Department of Hailakandi district. He immediately attended the Government Victoria Memorial Higher Secondary rushed to the school and started investigating. A mobile from a student involved in question paper leak.

The police recovered the phone and checked the messages sent from it. Lay police found out that this man’s mobile phone has a WhatsApp group of ten members. Through this group named HSSC, today’s Shi MIL exam questions and answers can be found viral 2. the police In this regard, Hailakandi Additional District Magistrate Trideep Roy, who is in charge of the education department, said that he immediately rushed to the school after receiving the complaint of leakage of question papers at Government Victoria Memorial Higher Secondary School of Hailakandi. After coming here, he came to know that the question paper was leaked through the mobile phone shortly after the start of the exam. As the matter came to the attention of the invigilator, the police arrested a student for his involvement in the incident and took the prescribed measures.

Trideep Roy said the police came to know that a WhatsApp group of ten members – the day’s MIL question papers and answers were being traded. Apart from arresting the accused student, the police also confiscated the mobile set used in this illegal activity, he said. Police is investigating who created this WhatsApp group and who is the admin etc.

Meanwhile, after the news of the leak of the higher secondary examination question paper, there has been an intense sensation in Hailakandi district. of MIL subjects There is anxiety among the examinees that the examination may be canceled at all. Apart from this, what action will be taken against the remaining members of the WhatsApp group is also being practiced throughout Hailakandi. Meanwhile, ADC Trideep Roy said that the incident will be investigated and appropriate action will be taken.

Meanwhile, Leader of Opposition in Assam Legislative Assembly Debabrata Shaikia, Chief MLA Wazed Ali Chowdhury and Katigora MLA Khalil Uddin Majumder are worried about the leakage of the question paper of the higher secondary school. On Thursday, they will appear in the Assembly on this issue. On Wednesday afternoon, these three top leaders of the party contacted Hailakandi District Congress president Sams Uddin Baralskar over the phone to verify the authenticity of the high school mother tongue exam question paper leaked in Hailakandi. They expressed their concern over the phone. He also said that he will seek clarification from the Education Minister in the session of the Legislative Assembly. Hailakandi Congress President Sams Uddin Baralskar said this on Wednesday night, quoting the Leader of the Opposition in the Legislative Assembly, Debabrata Shaikia, Chief Conscientious MLA Wazed Ali Chowdhury and MLA Khalil Uddin Majumder. After the news spread, they called Sams Uddin and got the details. Leader of Opposition Debabrata Shaikia told him that they raised the issue of question paper leak to the Education Minister during the budget session of the Assam Legislative Assembly on Thursday Demand clarification.