Plastic rice and eggs are now available in the market. Such posts are often seen on social media. made in china.

There is no way to take immediate action against adulterated food traders!

It is also believed that plastic rice has entered the Indian market. But Health Minister Keshav Mahant made it clear in the Assembly on Friday, plastic rice.

AIUDF MLA Aminul Islam raised the issue of food adulteration in the Assembly on Friday. He also expressed concern over the way unscrupulous traders are adulterating food by mixing chemicals. He also demanded to release the people from the curse of adulterated products by implementing the Food Safety Act passed in the Legislative Assembly in 2006. Citing social media, the opposition MLA also expressed the fear of plastic rice and eggs made in China entering the Assam market. –

However, Health Minister Keshav Mahant said, ‘What is being mistaken as plastic rice is not plastic rice. Vitamins beneficial for public health are mixed with rice. That vitamin mixed rice is considered plastic rice.’ However, the health minister also expressed some helplessness regarding the elimination of food adulteration. Because, due to loopholes in the law, businessmen get exemption. The government has no way to take immediate action. –

– Health Minister said, ‘After collecting the sample from the trader’s warehouse it takes a long time to get the result from the laboratory. Then it has to be sent to the court. It takes four to five years there. As a result, unscrupulous traders get a lot of time. So even after the unscrupulous traders are caught, there is no way to take immediate action.’