NF Rail has set a new precedent in continuing the supply of essential goods. Last January, 1245 racks were unloaded. From April 2023 to January this year, 11512 cargo racks have been unloaded under NF Rail. NF Rail FCI Rice, Sugar, Salt, Edible Oil, Fertilizer, Cement, Coal, Automobiles, Containers & Others. Transported materials. Last January, 714 racks of goods trains were unloaded in Assam out of which 405 racks were loaded with essential goods. NF Rail has been able to send large quantities of goods to different states through the Lamding-Badarpur hill line. Railways sent five racks to violence-hit Manipur last January. Apart from this, 91 racks have been unloaded in Tripura, 19 in Nagaland, six in Arunachal Pradesh and eight in Mizoram, NF Rail Chief Public Relations Officer Sabyasachi Dey said. He said that not only to meet the basic needs of the common people, but also to keep the local economic activities of all areas running, daily necessities and other products are being transported regularly.