The Crime Investigation Bureau (CIB) team of Lumding Railway Protection Force  (RPF) successfully apprehended a notorious gang of thieves targeting the Kanchenjunga Express, train number 13174. The operation unfolded in a midnight raid as the criminals were planning to strike the S6 and S7 coaches.

The arrested culprits, identified as Rajiv Hussain, Sanjay Sutradhar from Hojai, along with Rahul Das, Rajib Ghosh, and Pradip Deb, have been long-time offenders, consistently looting the train despite previous incarcerations for similar crimes. This recent success by the CIB team marks a significant step towards curbing the activities of this persistent criminal gang.

Rajiv Hussain and Sanjay Sutradhar, with a history of train thefts, had previously faced legal consequences. However, law enforcement had struggled to completely halt their activities, allowing the gang to continue plaguing the Kanchenjunga Express.

The Lumding RPF’s CIB team , acting on intelligence and prior knowledge of the gang’s activities, executed a well-coordinated operation, thwarting the criminals’ attempt to strike again. The gang’s focus on coaches S6 and S7 had raised concerns among railway authorities, leading to heightened surveillance and strategic planning by the CIB team.

The arrested individuals will face charges related to theft, trespassing, and any other offenses uncovered during the investigation. The authorities are optimistic that this operation will send a strong message to other potential criminals, dissuading them from attempting similar crimes on the bustling railway network.

The Lumding RPF, lauded for their swift and effective action, urged passengers to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activities during their train journeys. Railway officials also emphasized the ongoing efforts to enhance security measures to ensure the safety of passengers and the integrity of the railway network. The authorities are expected to intensify into the investigation of the apprehended gang, potentially uncovering valuable information that could contribute to future preventive measures against such criminal activities.