In the end, he was hanged by the order of the court. Here is Karimganj College’s selection process. Cases are heard in the Courts of Civil Judges (Junior Division) II. In view of this, the entire process of college selection has been suspended. Civil Judge Darshana Nath ordered the stay on Wednesday in view of the case filed by college student Rajarshi Dev Law and 4 others. Biplab Deb, the lawyer of the case, said that the selection process of the college was not transparent at all. Due to which Rajarshi and 4 other students were brought before the court after presenting all the facts. After looking at the documentary evidence submitted in support of their claim, the court ordered the stay. As a result, the results of the polls, the swearing-in, everything is now hanging. – He said a Returning Officer can never take oath. It has to be done by the college principal. But here the returning – officer has done what is not acceptable. He said that the copy of the suspension order issued on the entire process was received by the college authorities on Wednesday. According to sources, 9 members of NSUI took oath today before the court order. However, 5 members of ABVP abstained from taking the oath. the rest whose swearing-in was virtually suspended. Meanwhile, on Wednesday night, the copy of the court order is in front College students along with ABVP functionaries at the press conference.

The students along with ABVP activists vented their anger against the college principal and others in a press conference. They told reporters at the circuit house that some students approached the court because the election process was not transparent. They expressed happiness with the court’s verdict. On this day, the college officials complained against the parties and said that during the election, wooden pencils were used. They raised questions about having an eraser there. He said that the vote of those who used the pen in the ballot has been cancelled. However, the college principal did not give any such instructions earlier. Their complaint is that the principal’s brother is the district Congress president and his nephew is the state secretary of NSUI. As a result, allegations were raised that he indirectly took an anti-ABVP stance to please them. Also, a close relative of the Returning Officer is seeking to contest the Lok Sabha elections on a Congress ticket. As a result, the question was raised. It is said that the practical examination of higher secondary was on February 5. The election changed that is done But ABVP was in favor of testing. They announced the results even after protesting for almost six hours for re-counting the college principal remains adamant.

magistrate on this day also informed that the oath will be based on the consensus of both. But on Wednesday, ABVP was unilaterally denied and the swearing-in ceremony took place. They termed this oath ceremony as illegal. According to them, a re-counting does not mean that their candidate will win. But the college authorities’ reluctance to re-count has raised the level of suspicion. They directly accused the warden of the women’s hostel of promoting NSUI. Also some of the teachers are against it. It is informed that ABVP will always be there for the interest of the students. And the movement will continue. However, no one including the college principal responded to their complaint. Rajarshi Dev, GS candidate Pancham Das spoke at the press conference on this day. Sneha Das, Swarna Das, Prithvika were present Others including Goala Bandhi Dey.