Ram Janmabhoomi controversy is over. Ramlala has returned to her home. Now it’s time to bring Krishna back home. So Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath made it clear that the BJP’s next goal is to end the Mathura-6 Krishna Janmabhoomi controversy. State on Wednesday Yogi said in the assembly, Krishna Kanaiya has insisted. So now he has to return home. It is clear that Adityanath is talking about the Ndar Shahi Idga case of Mathura through these words. At the same time, he mentioned the topic of Gyanabapi and said that after seeing the festival of Ayodhya, ‘Nandbaba ‘ also broke all the barricades. Through this comment, Yogi talks about the Shivlinga of Gyanbapi and Nandi, the devotee bull of Mahadev. his It should be noted that after ending the long tension, Ramlala was installed in the new temple of Ayodhya on January 22. However, the leaders of Gerua Shibir are not willing to stop even after the construction of Ram Mandir. Their eyes are now on Mathura, Kashi. Yogi’s comments indicate that the BJP will move further on the Krishna Janmabhoomi land dispute before the Lok Sabha polls. Yogi said they wanted Kashi and Mathura together. But it hasn’t happened yet. However, Yogi confirmed that there‚Ķ