Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sharma was seen in a cheerful mood with the students of Madrasa in Kaziranga on Friday. A number of ‘nephews’ of a Madrasah in Hurmuty, Kaziranga, had gathered to see ‘Mama’ Himantar’s helicopter. Uncle Himanta did not disappoint the nephews of the madrasa despite being busy. Ekphanke knew everything about how studies are going on, what is being taught in the madrasa.

The chief minister also asked what is fed in the madrasa, whose house is where. Madrasah’s younger nephews were also very excited to have uncle very close. Mama answered every question very nicely. The students were excited to see the helicopter standing at a little distance. Seeing that, the Chief Minister asked – what helicopter do you want to see? In unison the nephews shout ‘Yes, uncle.’

Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sharma talking to madrasa students of Hurmuti. Friday, Kaziranga.

The Chief Minister himself then took them to the helicopter. There went to the nephews Abdar ‘It would be nice if uncle could look up a little.’ – Uncle also fulfilled that promise. AKAK Khudera climbed into the copter. A few students also had fun sitting in the seat of the copter.

The Chief Minister asked the madrasa students what they are doing now.