In a significant development, the Khasi Hills Autonomous District Council  (KHADC) in Meghalaya has announced that the ongoing delimitation exercise is on the verge of completion. The council, responsible for overseeing the equal distribution of voters across its 29 constituencies, is set to submit a detailed report on the progress of the exercise to the state government in the coming days.

The move follows a request from the state government to expedite the process, emphasizing the need for timely completion of the delimitation committee’s task. Deputy Chief Executive Member (CEM)¬†PPN Syiem¬†confirmed the receipt of the government’s letter, shedding light on the committee’s current status.

According to Syiem, the committee has completed approximately half of its work but requires additional time to finalize the report. Notably, any extension of the committee’s term beyond its initial mandate would necessitate approval from both the Governor and the state government.

Syiem underscored the disparity in voter numbers among different constituencies, emphasizing the critical importance of the delimitation exercise. He stated that the committee’s primary goal is to address this imbalance and ensure fair representation.

Wearing his other hat as the working president of the Meghalaya Pradesh Congress Committee, Syiem expressed the party’s lack of objection to the impending elections for the district council. However, he awaits the decision of the state election machinery regarding the conduct of these elections.

Syiem acknowledged the possibility of extending the current House’s term but stipulated that it should align with the newly delimited constituencies. This suggests a potential scenario where the term extension would be contingent upon the completion and implementation of the delimitation exercise.

Both the¬†KHADC and the Jaintia Hills Autonomous District Council face an impending expiration of their current House terms on March 5. The outcome of the delimitation exercise holds substantial implications for the upcoming elections, setting the stage for a recalibrated and more equitable representation of voters in Meghalaya’s autonomous district councils.