Including the presentation of Shanbil, the famous reservoir in Asia, to the countrymen. The government finally took initiatives for the socio-economic development of the area. A three-day Shanbil festival is going to be held at Devdwar under the initiative of Assam University and NE-Six. The university authorities do not want to leave any defect in organizing the three-day ‘Shanbil festival’ from 24th to 26th February. And the whole crowd of Ramakrishnanagar assembly constituency is enthusiastic about this festival. But it would be wrong to say only Ramakrishnanagar Assembly, personalities involved in socio-cultural activities of the valley should also be very happy.

According to news about the event, the Shanbil festival is no less than the ‘Namami Barak’ event. Rather, the locals think that it will be a little more. The country’s top dailies will be invited News channel too. And the invited guests will be in the fair grounds during the three-day festival. Tents will be built temporarily for this. Local folk artistes from West Bengal, Tripura are also expected to be present. G-TV fame artists Tulika-Gangadhar will also perform the program.

The Chief Minister of the state will officially inaugurate the fair at 11 am on February 24. Himanta Biswa Sharma. Jayanthamalla Baruya, state minister for tourism and other departments, Piyush Hazrika, state water resources minister are expected to be present at the event. K Moses, Secretary of NESIX will be the host.

There will be the entire festival grounds. And all those who come with the cut will spend the night in the tent in the festival premises. It is known that there will be no shortage of money to make the event as grand as it is. But the question is – Why suddenly there is such a huge event in Shanbil. Newspapers have written about high deprivation in the area for years. But still nothing happened. And in this sub-poor area, why is such a large-scale Bee Festival happening suddenly? The answer to this question has been found, the new education policy of the Government of India in which environmental education, social education, cultural education etc. have been considered as part of education. And this is the result of this event. And the project has been submitted to the Donor Mantra with this bill. Therefore, the Ministry wants some more views to come out through the program and discussions with dignitaries. Various committees and sub-committees have already been formed. Locals are also said to have been placed on the committees.

Anshuman Dey, Joint Secretary, Susanthan Donor Ministry, Chalai and Ramakrishnanagar. Assam University Vice Chancellor and Festival Committee Chairman Prof. Rajeev Mohan Panth, Assam University Registrar and Festival Committee Organizing Secretary Dr. PK Nath. Apart from this, there is also another stalwart of the area, Professor Manvendra Dattachoudhury, professor of Jeev Binjan University, who is in charge of the event management of the festival committee.

On all three days of the event, from 11 am to 1 pm, there will be Tourism, Conservation of Organized by Assam University Silchar.

There is a program from 24 to 26 February. Namami Barak will also be ace in the festival.

There will be local folk artists including West Bengal, Tripura. G-TV famous artist Tulika-Gangadhar too.

Discussions on bills etc. Invited guests from the country and state will participate in the discussion. The LED screen will show how Shanbill was before, and how it is now. And when the project is finished, what will be done will be shown. There will be instant competitions, exhibitions, photography and drawing competitions.

Cultural programs will include folk songs, folk dances and other competitions. There will be a program of local or Barak Valley artists from 5 pm to 7 pm. Since the event is on a full moon, it shines in the moonlight.