There have been poachers. They killed a rhinoceros in Kaziranga National Park on Monday and escaped with its sword. According to official sources, a dead body of a rhinoceros was found on Monday at a place under Agoratoli Forest Range. Kaziranga State Park has started an investigation in this matter. But no one has been arrested yet.

Officials said that the forest personnel on patrol found the bloody body this morning. Post-mortem, they said it was an adult female rhinoceros and the way it was killed, it appeared to be the work of poachers.

They said on Sunday night, The poachers secretly crossed the Brahmaputra and entered the Kaziranga National Park. They said, ‘These poachers know different methods of killing animals. They carefully kill the rhinoceros and escape with its sword. We have started an investigation and are checking the areas where there is CCTV.’

According to official figures, this is the first rhino killed by poachers this year. Officials said, ‘The killing of rhinoceros has come down drastically in the last decade and now poachers can easily enter Kaziranga to kill pandas. can’t Not a single rhino was killed in the state in 2022 and many eco-conscious from the Indian government to the world. People appreciated it. Now the number of security forces has increased in Kaziranga and there are CCTV cameras at various places. However, this time there was a murder. Now we will make the system more strict in the future.’