Major Cannabis Haul Worth 40 Lakhs Seized in Churaibari Police Raid

Tripura Police Intercept Smuggling Attempt on Tripura-Assam Highway

In a significant breakthrough, Churaibari Police Station in North Tripura intercepted and seized a substantial quantity of dry cannabis valued at an estimated 40 lakhs on Thursday morning. The operation, based on confidential intelligence, unfolded on the Tripura-Assam National Highway as authorities intercepted a 12-wheeler empty lorry, registration NL01AG-5879, enroute from Agartala, Tripura’s capital, to Guwahati, Assam’s capital.

Upon conducting a thorough search of the vehicle prior to its crossing, officers discovered a concealed compartment behind the lorry’s Cabin, where a cache of dry cannabis was meticulously packed. Superintendent of Police Bhanupada Chakraborty, informed by Churaibari Police Station OC Samaresh Das, promptly arrived at the scene to oversee the operation.

Under the supervision of the Superintendent of Police, law enforcement officers recovered 263 kilograms of ganja, neatly packed in various-sized packets, from the hidden chamber within the vehicle. The driver, identified as 64-year-old Narayan Chandra Sarkar, father of the deceased Sarat Chandra Sarkar, was apprehended during the raid. Sarkar hails from the Bodo Pukur area of AD Nagar.

“It’s known that the black market value of the recovered ganja is estimated at 40 lakhs,” stated the Superintendent of Police during a briefing with reporters. “The intended destination for this illicit substance was Guwahati in Assam, and the traffickers were attempting to transport it there.”

Presently, the arrested individuals remain in custody at the police station, undergoing rigorous interrogation while the authorities gather further information. Concurrently, the police have initiated legal proceedings against those detained and continue their investigation into the smuggling attempt.

The successful interception marks a crucial step in the efforts to curb illegal drug trafficking activities in the region. Authorities remain vigilant, committed to thwarting such attempts and ensuring the safety and security of the area.

The Churaibari Police Department encourages the public to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activities to aid in combating such unlawful practices, fostering a safer community for all residents.