Kalain Block Congress Urges Action Against Illegal River Mining and JCB Installation, Seeks Immediate Intervention

Allegations of Unlawful Quarry Activities and River Mining Prompt Demands for Cease in Cachar District

17 Nov 2023, Kalain:- The Kalain Block Congress has taken a decisive stand against alleged illegal activities involving JCB installation and river mining at the Kalain Pathar Quarry(open-pit mines) Unit One, situated under the jurisdiction of the Kalain Range in Cachar District. An outcry against these purported actions has arisen due to their detrimental impact on the livelihoods of numerous families and the environmental repercussions on the local river.

According to the allegations, the Mahaldar, in collusion with forest workers, is accused of illicitly employing a JCB at the Kalain Pathar Quarry(open-pit mine), operating day and night without restraint. This continuous excavation of the riverbed has resulted in the water becoming turbid, causing severe water scarcity for thousands, including those residing in Sindura Bagan, who depend on the river for their daily activities and clean drinking water.

Expressing their distress over the environmental and social ramifications of these actions, the garden workers attempted to address the issue by alerting Kalain Forest Division ranger, Pankaj Kalita, requesting an immediate halt to the unlawful river excavation. However, their efforts appeared futile, prompting further action from the aggrieved parties.

Today, the garden workers, in collaboration with the Kalain Block Congress, delivered a memorandum to the Circle Officer of Katigara, pressing for urgent intervention. The memorandum explicitly demands the cessation of JCB operations in the river and an immediate halt to river mining activities.

The memorandum underscores the severity of the situation, warning of a potential widespread movement should prompt action not be taken. It emphasizes that failure to curb river mining by the JCB could potentially escalate tensions, leading to a significant mobilization involving Block Congress members and plantation workers.

The Kalain Block Congress, standing in solidarity with affected residents and prioritizing environmental preservation, emphasizes the need for swift and resolute action to curb these illegal activities. They call upon authorities to heed the demands outlined in the memorandum to prevent further ecological degradation and safeguard the well-being of the community.

As this issue gains momentum, stakeholders anticipate a proactive response from the concerned authorities to address the grievances and take decisive action against the reported illegalities, preserving the local environment and ensuring the welfare of the populace.