Minor girl impregnated by Man,In Cachar and Poison’s her to Death.

A horrifying incident has come to light in Assam’s Cachar district where a man is allegedly accused of poisoning a minor girl to death after impregnating her on the pretext of a deceptive relationship and marriage.

As per reports, the shocking events transpired in the Katigora subdivisional area of Cachar where the local community is severely enraged and ignited as tension prevails over deliverance of appropriate punishment to the culprit.

The deceased minor in question is a 17-year-old girl who was allegedly in a relationship with one Aditya Karmakar, sources informed on Wednesday.

As far as his profession was concerned, the accused Aditya Karmakar had been engaged as a worker at Bikrampur tea estate for quite some time. The accused is said to have allegedly lured the minor into a deceptive relationship promising marriage, and subsequently exploited her sexually, on the same grounds.

The deceased victim of these inactions, whose identity has been kept away from public knowledge, allegedly became pregnant during her involvement with the accused man, Aditya. Sources informed the media that their so-called relationship even began on the premise of a future together, with Aditya repeatedly assuring her of his intention to marry her.

Nevertheless with the passage of time, the deceptive lover Aditya started to distance himself from the minor girl. Later on when the woman came to know of her pregnancy, she confronted him, hoping to find solace and support. Instead, the situation took a sinister turn.

To do away with the situation, the accused man took the girl to a secluded location along with two of their mutual friends where they force fed her food laced with a toxic substance. Fortunately, she was able to break free and reach her house after a brief chase. She narrated the entire ordeal to her mother, following which she was rushed to a nearby hospital but soon died during treatment.

Local authorities were alerted to the incident, prompting a swift response as law enforcement personnel arrived at the hospital. The deceased’s body was subsequently transferred to Silchar Medical College Hospital (SMCH) for a post-mortem examination.