Rituparna Paul Inspirational Bengali Speech at New Parliament Building makes Gandhi Jayanti remarkabale

Student from Silchar Rangirkhari Netaji Vidyaniketan H.S. School Expresses Pride for Assam and Barak Valley

New Delhi, October 2, 2023:- In a heartwarming tribute to Mahatma Gandhi on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti, Rituparna Paul, a talented student from Class 10 at Silchar Rangirkhari Netaji Vidyaniketan H.S. School, captivated an audience gathered at the new Parliament building in Delhi with her eloquent Bengali speech. The young speaker not only celebrated her Assamese heritage but also expressed immense pride in the Barak Valley as a whole.

Standing in front of a diverse audience that included political leaders, students, and dignitaries from various states, Rituparna Paul’s speech transcended language barriers, touching the hearts of those present. Her words were a testament to the power of unity in diversity that Mahatma Gandhi himself advocated.

In her speech, Rituparna passionately spoke about the rich cultural heritage of Assam and the Barak Valley, emphasizing the need for unity among its people. She recounted stories of unity, resilience, and inclusivity that have been the hallmarks of the region. She also highlighted the importance of non-violence, tolerance, and communal harmony, ideals that Gandhi had championed throughout his life.

Rituparna’s speech resonated deeply with the audience, as it celebrated the diversity of India while underlining the common thread that binds the nation together. Her address was met with thunderous applause, and many attendees were moved to tears by her heartfelt words.

Prominent political figures, including the Prime Minister and the President of India, congratulated Rituparna on her remarkable speech. They commended her for her ability to convey the essence of unity in diversity, a principle that is at the core of the Indian Constitution.

In a brief statement, the Prime Minister remarked, “Rituparna Paul’s speech today reminds us of the strength that comes from embracing our diverse cultures and languages. She has done Assam and the Barak Valley proud, and her words are a testament to the ideals that Gandhi Ji stood for.”

Rituparna’s speech serves as a reminder of the values that Gandhi Jayanti represents โ€“ peace, unity, and the celebration of India’s rich tapestry of cultures and languages. Her inspiring address will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression on all those who were fortunate enough to witness it, reminding them of the importance of cherishing India’s diversity while staying united as a nation.