Woman’s Lifeless Body Found Outside Residence in Sonapur.

A chilling incident unfolded in the serene town of Sonapur, as the lifeless body of a woman was discovered in front of her residence on Wednesday. The victim, identified as Rita Boro, met a tragic end in what appears to be a heinous crime.
The shocking discovery took place in the 15-mile area of Sonapur, where the family members of the deceased were the first to find her body lying near her house. Distraught and shattered, they lay charges against a man named Hasmat, accusing him of the gruesome murder and subsequent dumping of her body late at night. Neighbours, too, have added to the intrigue, shedding light on a potential motive for the heinous act. Allegedly, Rita Boro had an illicit relationship with the accused, Hasmat, during her husband’s absence. Witnesses reported seeing the two together late into the night, further fueling suspicions of foul play. As news of the tragic incident spread, authorities were quick to respond. The local police reached the spot promptly and initiated a thorough investigation into the circumstances surrounding the woman’s death. The gruesome nature of the crime has sent shockwaves through the peaceful community of Sonapur, leaving residents in a state of deep concern and sadness.
The whereabouts of the accused, Hasmat, remain unknown as he is reportedly on the run, evading capture by law enforcement. The police have launched a manhunt to track down the prime suspect and ensure justice is served for the bereaved family and the victim. The harrowing discovery of Rita Boro’s lifeless body serves as a stark reminder of the need for strengthened measures to ensure the safety and security of individuals, particularly vulnerable sections of society. As investigations continue, the quest for justice remains at the forefront, with the hope that the perpetrator will be swiftly brought to face the full extent of the law.