‘Special 26’ Number On Retired Official, Take Loot Worth Rs 36 Lakhs by fake officials.

A Bollywood film was brought from screen to real life when a gang of six thieves, posing as police officers, raided the Airoli home of a retired government official and walked off with valuables worth around Rs 36 lakh over a week ago.
It was a scene straight out of Akshay Kumar-starrer ‘Special 26’, a film that features a gang of 26 that pulls off robberies posing as CBI officers and performs a fake search at the residence of a jeweler, decamping with a lot of valuables.
Taking a leaf straight out of the Bolly flick, a real-life heist was done in Navi Mumbai by a six-member gang of thieves in uniform who posed as Anti-Corruption Bureau officials and ‘raided’ the home of an official who had retired from the public works department.
A report on the criminal offence was lodged by the retired official, according to which, in the afternoon of July 21, the six men barged into the house of retired official Kantilal Yadav. A bearded man who led the team declared that they were from the Anti-Corruption Bureau and that a complaint had been received against Yadav. They then said they had come for a house search. The man then seized the cell-phones of Yadav and his wife and forced them to sit beside him till the search on the house was over. Yadav’s wife was told to hand over the cupboard keys to them for the check. Yadav had insisted on seeing the bearded man’s identity, but the latter refused to comply, saying it would be done after the search was over.
He then proceeded to sit beside them as his five accomplices went through three cupboards kept in the three-bedroom flat and retrieved Rs 25.25 lakh in cash, a gold chain worth Rs 3.80 lakh, a ring and a bracelet collectively valued at Rs 4.20 lakh, a diamond ring worth Rs 40,000, a diamond-studded gold mangalsutra worth Rs 80,000 and two wrist watches worth at least Rs 10,000.
The gang members then proceeded to stash the valuables in a leather bag taken from one of the cupboards and left the couple.