The night bus got trapped in the landslide. Luckily the passengers were able to get out of the car and move to safety, but were stuck in the mud and rocks for several hours. the bus The incident took place in front of Sonapur tunnel in Meghalaya on Monday. When the landslide happened again in the early morning of this day, a night bus took the risk of crossing the place and the accident happened. It is to be noted that since the onset of the monsoon season, the residents of Barak, Tripura, Mizoram and Manipur (part) have been suffering from Shillong Road. Landslides are happening repeatedly in front of the Sonapur Tunnel in Meghalaya on National Highway No. 6. And the greater part of this region is in other parts of the country Collapsed hostel in Sonapur. mondayWith the road being separated again and again. After a few days of being fine, the landslide happened again in the morning on Monday.According to sources, the landslide started in the last night as a result of heavy rain on Sunday night. The road was blocked due to the mud and stones coming down from the mountains on the road. According to the source, the incident happened in the early hours of the morning Immediately it came to the attention of the Meghalaya administration. As a result, without delay, the workers became active to clear the collapse and normalize the traffic. NHIDCL was able to clear the road within a few hours. The stranded bus was also recovered. However, due to the road closure, numerous vehicles were stuck on both sides of the place at that time.Incidentally, the Meghalaya administration has already informed that it is not safe to travel through the Shillong road. Passengers have been advised to carry enough drinking water and dry food if they need to go to emergency work through that route.