A technical issue caused an Indigo flight bound for Dibrugarh to return from the runway immediately before takeoff from Guwahati, Assam. When the problem was reported, state ministers Ranjit Das, Bimal Borah, MLA Naba Doley, Vice Chairman of the State Housing Board, Subhas Dutta, and Congress politician Ramen Barthakur were all on board.

Information indicates that a problem with one of the engines caused the aeroplane to turn around from the runway just before takeoff.

The Guwahati airport is undergoing repairs in the interim. There are still people on the aeroplane.

Prior to this, on June 17, a Vistara flight with the identification number UK71 from New Delhi bound for Dibrugarh Airport was diverted to Guwahati. According to sources, the flight was unable to land at the Dibrugarh airport due to poor weather. Meanwhile, in June, the pilot of an IndiGo flight with a destination of Dibrugarh thought there might be an engine malfunction and decided to divert to Guwahati.

According to them, the flight 6E-2652 carried about 150 people, including Rameswar Teli, the Union Minister of State for Petroleum, and two BJP legislators from Assam, Prasanta Phukan and Terash Gowala. In 2022, at the Jorhat airport in Assam, an IndiGo jet went off the runway as it took off. Kolkata was the destination of the flight. Officials attempted to resolve the technical issue for six hours, but were ultimately unable, and the flight was cancelled.

Today at 2:20 PM, IndiGo aircraft 6E-757 got ready to depart for Kolkata as planned. The aircraft’s wheels unexpectedly went off the runway as it was taxiing and became enmeshed in the marsh alongside the runway. As a result of the excursion, the plane abruptly came to a stop, causing alarm among the passengers.