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Extension of tunnel length, planning of alternative roads.

Nothing can stop the landslide in Meghalaya’s Sonapur. Earlier, during heavy rains, sand, mud and stones came down from the top of the hill. But now it collapses even in light rain. Therefore, during the current monsoon, the roads of Sonapur are closed for hours almost every day and the passengers of Barak, Tripura are suffering endlessly. Meghalaya Even though the administration and the National Highway Authority removed the landslides, the sand and stones of the hill are coming down again at the same place. However, the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) is currently considering two options to keep traffic normal through landslide-prone Sonapur. The first option is to extend the 123m long tunnel at Sonapur. Extending the length of the tunnel on both sides. Moreover, the construction of elevated corridors in that part to avoid collapse. Those two options are being considered. However, there is a problem of road closure in the implementation of both the projects. It will take a lot of time. As a result, there is no hope of Barak passengers getting relief from the problem of collapse in Sonapur soon. BRO (Border Roads Organization) constructed a 123 meter long tunnel in 2008 to deal with the collapse of Sonapur in Meghalaya. The tunnel was very effective in dealing with the collapse in the first place. As a result, in the first few years, clay and stones came down from Almost wasn’t. But for the last three, four years, another problem has arisen in that region. The length of the hill slope has increased further. As a result, landslides from the mountain now frequently block the mouths on both sides of the tunnel. As a result, traffic on that part of National Highway No. 6 has been blocked for hours.Meghalaya’s East Khasi Jaintia Hills District Magistrate Avilas Baronwal • told the news agency, ‘With the onset of rain in the hills, landslides have also started in Sonapur. Earlier, rocks and soil came down from the mountains only during heavy rains, but now landslides are coming down even during light rains. As a result, traffic is stopped on that important national road. So the district administration has to be busy in the work of removing the collapse. Dozers and other machines have been kept at the landslide site. But he also said that removing the landslide and opening the road is not a permanent solution. “However, the National Highways Authority has started looking for a permanent way to avoid the collapse in Sonapur. NHAI project manager Anand Singh Chauhan told the news agency, ‘Earlier, landslides occurred in the area of 20-25 meters in Sonapur. As a result, the collapse was being handled through the tunnel. But now stones, clay are coming down from a bigger part of the mountain. As a result, the mouth of the tunnel is being closed again and again. As a result, there are also plans to increase the length of the tunnel, extend it on both sides, or build an elevated corridor to avoid collapse, he said. However, the central construction company NHIDCL is starting the work of converting National Highway No.6 into a four-lane road. They have plans to build a four-lane road in that part of Sonapur as well. For this, the detailed project report or ‘DPR’ is also being prepared. As a result, NHIDCL is planning to construct a bypass avoiding the landslide prone area of Sonapur. CM Dwivedi, the regional officer of the North-East organization told the news agency that, ‘Alternative road construction is being planned to avoid the landslide-prone part. The maximum speed of vehicles on that national highway is now 40 km per hour. Aiming to double that, ‘diversion’ is planned at Sonapur.’ However, he said that all options are being considered to avoid the collapse of Sonapur.

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