Government is strict against illegal employment in State Transport Corporation. A couple of years ago, 771 employees who were hired illegally without any kind of interview were dismissed on Tuesday. After the Chief Minister’s strict message, those officers who have given appointment letters will not get exemption. Assam Chief Minister HimantaBiswa Sharma at press conference to get job of minister’s nephew, officer’s nephew. Wednesday, in Guwahati. end of day In this, meritorious students are wronged.A couple of years ago, AnandPrakash Tewari was the Managing Director of Transport Corporation771 employees were recruited illegally during the tenure. For more than two years, they have been working and collecting salaries. But the matter belongs to the Chief Minister771 employees have been retrenched after the notice was issued by the Transport Corporation on Tuesday. As a result, the employees lost their jobs on Wednesday he created the situation at the office of the Transport Corporation.The workers held the corporation’s union leader DwijenLahkar accountable. Because, it was under his leadership that illegal appointment was made during Tiwari’s tenure. The jobless workers have also threatened to suspend bus services in the transport corporation from Thursday. DwijenLahkar said, ‘The non-cooperation will continue until the 771 employees who lost their jobs get back their jobs. As a result, the bus services of the Transport Corporation will be suspended from tomorrow. Because the employees did not write the appointment letter with their own hand.” The retrenched employees also demanded justice. However, the chief minister is strict against illegal appointments. On Wednesday, he told reporters, ‘Interview is necessary to get a job. But recruitment without interview is illegal recruitment. As a result, 771 employees will have to be laid off and re-hired after conducting interviews in accordance with the law. Because illegal work will not continue in Assam. But what about layoffs only, those who have given jobs to Chasma. What will happen to those? Action will also be taken on the chief minister’s spar jabartod. Action will also be taken against the person who gave the job. The children who got jobs are less guilty, the officers who gave jobs are more guilty. In Assam, the previous rule will no longer work, the minister’s nephew, the officer’s nephew will be employed, that will not work.’But naturally the question arose, the then MD of Transport Corporation is now out of the state on deputation. As a result, he will be brought under investigation? Chief Minister’s reply, ‘What will happen if you stay on deputation, even if an SI of the police station is called, you will have to come. An investigation into the illegal recruitment of the transport corporation is underway, strict action will also be taken against the officers. There will be no compromise in this regard.’