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One more step towards fulfilment of promise: Himanta.

Shah,s Distribution of appointment letters in Khanapara by the Union Home Minister. Before forming the BJP government for the second time in Assam, Himanta Biswa Sharma, while discussing the party’s vision document, suggested that the process of youth development in the state should be initiated. Through this, the state government will provide one lakh jobs. Everyone present was stunned for a moment by his comment. There was only one question in everyone’s mind, how is it possible to provide 100,000 jobs in a state like Assam. But after much debate, BJP made this promise in the vision document. And BJP is one such party, which fulfills its promises one hundred percent. As a result, pre-election promise to provide 100,000 jobs was met with skepticism. And it is almost possible to reach this goal during the second anniversary of the state Government Niropan promises all election promises will be fulfilled, Shahi assures in Guwahati has been Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sharma has fulfilled his promise. Union Home Minister Amit Shah made this comment while standing in Khanapara field on Thursday.At the same time, the state government has given appointment letters to 44,703 candidates. It is a huge appointment in the history of Assam. The Himanta Biswa Sharma-led government has taken another step forward in fulfilling its election promises. The state government has come a long way towards one lakh recruitment by handing over appointment letters to another 44,703 candidates at Chief Minister Khanapara on Thursday. In the last two years With this, a total of 87 thousand government posts have been appointed.Do not engage in corruption, appointees But this is not the end, the Chief Minister said that 22 thousand more candidates will be appointed within the next six months Himanta Biswa Sharma. Last May 10 completed two years of the state government. On this occasion, appointment letters were handed over to around 45,000 candidates at Khanapara Veterinary College on Thursday. Chief Union Home Minister Amit Shah was present as the chief guest on this occasion. The appointment letter distribution process was completed in his presence. Candidates will join their own work from 1st June. The Chief Minister said on the occasion that this government took oath on May 10, 2021. However, earlier in the election campaign, BJP had promised to provide one lakh government jobs. But even then it was not thought that this promise could be fulfilled. Maybe this government can provide 100,000 jobs today for some good work done in previous life. In the last two years, 87 thousand permanent posts have been appointed so far. Only 13,000 left to meet the target of one lakh. But I promise 22 thousand more job ads will be published soon. Apart from this, the recruitment process will continue in various departments of the government. Himanta said that it was a matter of thought how feasible it would be to provide one lakh government jobs in a state like Assam. Because the economy of the state does not support it. But with the trust and confidence of the people, the government has moved towards fulfilling this promise. The recruitment process has been completed with transparency in every department including education department, health department, and police. No candidate had to spend a single rupee to get the job. And behind this massive action is the courage of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the motivation of Union Home Minister Amit Shah. Otherwise, it would not have been possible to provide 87,000 jobs in just two years quoting Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the Chief Minister said that after the next 25 years, Narendra Modi is dreaming of making India the best country in the world. Amritkal has started in the country since the 75th anniversary of independence. And in this immortality you have joined a new job. As a result, you have to make the country the best state in the world through your career of 25-30 years. Apart from this, your cooperation is highly desirable so that Assam can be included among the top five states of the country.DThe Chief Minister called on all the candidates who got the appointment letter in the function of the day to join their work and appoint themselves in the service of the lower middle class, poor and every class of people. No one should get involved in the corruption of one rupee. Assam and the country should be moved forward by working with complete transparency and dedication. Moreover, the Chief Minister called on all the newly appointed employees to spend their money for the benefit of their parents and the village. At the same time, the Chief Minister announced on this day that not only government jobs but also a young man or woman can provide 10 more people, for this 2 lakh unemployed youths will be given 2 lakh rupees for setting up enterprises. This will create more new employment opportunities.

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