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Rises in the case of corona virus in the india

India reports more than 10 thousand new covid cases and case is increasing day by day due to this many of the state government issued guidelines for the safety of the peoples. Doctor advised no need to panic and if people follow covid guideliness by maintaining social distance and wear mask.It will definitely save them from spreading coronavirus and keep them healthy.

Medical experts have said Omicron sub-variant XBB.1.16 could be driving the surge in cases in the city. However, they have maintained that there is no need to panic and people should follow Covid-appropriate behaviour and get their booster shots.

Amid rising coronavirus cases across the country, the west Bengal govt. Issued a covid 19 advisory on Tuesday. It advises people to avoid gathering especially by the elderly, children, patients and person with disabilities.

Delhi now has maximum number of COVID-19 patients around 26.54percent.Delhi Government advised to avoid gathering and wear mask in the crowded places. Workers at indoor public areas such as karaoke and massage parlours, cinemas etc are required to always wear masks. People must wear masks on public transport. People must wear mask on public transport which is enclosed place with a higher risk of transmission of the virus.



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