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Where does Silchar & Barak Valley stands in Assam Budget 2023-2024 ?

[Guwahati, 17th March]: After the announcement of Gurucharan College, one of the traditional colleges of Barak Valley, is to be upgraded to a university. In the budget, the Finance Minister announced that Gurucharan College in Silchar will be upgraded to a university. At the same time, the budget also announced the establishment of industrial zones from Silchar to Badarpur. Moreover, Nano Incubation Center will be set up in Silchar at a cost of Rs 5 crore to strengthen the Assam Startup Hub. Elevated road will be on Silchar-Kalain route. Basically, this arrangement is being made by the government so that there is no disruption to traffic due to the erosion of the Barak river. There is also a proposal to shift the Silchar Central Jail and build a garden there in this budget. Moreover, the drinking water supply project in Silchar through Amrut project will be completed in this financial year, Neog said.

The finance minister also mentioned the construction of 70 mega watt floating solar power project at Sonbeel in Karimganj, one of the largest bills in Asia, in the budget speech. At the same time, it has been announced again in this year’s budget that the construction of a medical college hospital will be started in Karimganj. Besides, the budget also announced the construction of new roads and bridges in different parts of Barak under Assam Mala Project. In a word, the finance minister has made several announcements in this year’s budget for Barak. If these things are implemented, the people of Barak will really be benefitted.

Silchar MLA Dipayan Chakraborty said that in his speech during the member’s hour of the first budget session of the new government, he raised the issue of sinking zone in Shibbari Road area of Silchar-Kalain Road. He drew the government’s attention by raising in the assembly that there was no other way but a flyover to avoid the sinking zone problem on Shibbari Road. Later, in a meeting organized with the officials of various departments in the office of the District Magistrate of Silchar, the matter was discussed and it was decided to survey the entire area by an expert team of NIT. Similarly, in the report given by the expert team of NIT after the survey, it is mentioned that nothing else is possible except flyover in this area.

After that Dipayan became more active in solving this problem. During the cabinet meeting at Silchar, Dipayan proposed the construction of flyover on Shibbari Road to the Chief Minister through Cachar Guardian Minister Jayanta Malla Baruah. And he thanked Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma and Finance Minister Ajanta Neog for the announcement of construction of flyover or elevated road in this area in this year’s budget.



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