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Violent protest in the state against SEBA, examinees on streets; Angry students surrounded Janata Bhavan, Board office

Guwahati, 17th March: The anger of students and student organizations against SEBA and education departments is not at all unusual. Before this probably no question paper has been leaked during any secondary examination. One after another exam was not cancelled. This year’s ‘Madhyamik’ has broken all records. After canceling the science exam, the SEBA authorities were forced to cancel the MIL exam on Friday. And with this, various parties and organizations, starting from secondary school students, have burst into anger. Apart from Guwahati, agitations and protests have started in every corner of the state. The police is also having to struggle to deal with this student movement against the SEBA .

What will be our future?
Question of the students

On Thursday night, Education Minister Ranoj Pegu suddenly tweeted that the MIL examination of all subjects on Friday has been canceled on the instructions of the Chief Minister. As soon as they got this news, the examinees burst into anger. Because, after years of preparation for one of the most important secondary exams in life, the news of cancellation the night before the exam has naturally disappointed the students a lot. And anger is born from this frustration. Manifestations of this anger were seen on Friday from Guwahati to various parts of the state. The students who were supposed to be in the secondary examination hall on this day, have come to the streets to protect their future. Besieged the Janata Bhavan, besieged the SEBA office. They asked the chief minister, “If you can’t secure our future, how can you secure the state?”

On Friday morning, a group of Madhyamik candidates first appeared at Janata Bhavan in Dispur. They want to know from the government, why the question papers are being leaked again and again? Why is the exam being cancelled? If this continues, who will take responsibility for their future protection? But a group of officers explained to them and told them to go to the SEBA office. Candidates walk from Dispur to reach the SEBA office. But the police stopped them on the road. Still, many students appeared in front of Bamuni Maidam’s SEBA office. They demanded that Principal Ramesh Chandra Jain should be given in writing that such incidents will not happen in future. But despite sitting for hours, the head of the SEBA did not have the courage to face the students. It was seen that the SEBA authorities took the initiative to remove the students from there by deploying the counter police.

The students of Madhyamik have raised questions today, as they got to know about the leak of science and MIL exam question paper earlier, it was cancelled. But who will ensure that the rest of the exams have not been leaked? Maybe those questions have been leaked in various ways, sold for thousands of rupees. This should be confirmed by the SEBA and education department. In the words of a student, “One after another the question papers are being leaked and the exams are being cancelled.” We stay up night after night to prepare for the exam, and the day before the exam we get to know that the exam is canceled at 12 midnight. Now it has become difficult to understand what subject to study and what subject not to study.

On this day, effigies of Education Minister Ranoj Pegu, SEBA Examination Controller and Principal were burnt on behalf of All Assam Students’ Association (AASU) in Guwahati. In the same way, a symbolic cremation procession of SEBA was taken out on the streets of the City by the Assam Nationalist Youth Student Council. In this way, students in other parts of the state also took to the streets on Friday against the SEBA and education department. Their only demand is that arrangements should be made to conduct secondary examinations accurately and fairly. Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sharma’s intervention has also been demanded in this case.



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