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Madrasas have no place in modern India, Closed 600, more to be: CM Himanta Biswa Sarma

Bengaluru, March 17: Has already closed all madrasas in his state. Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma announces to close all Madrasa’s in the state even while campaigning for Karnataka assembly polls. On Friday, he said, ‘We want the spread of good education in the country first. It does not happen in Madrasas. So, I have already closed 600 madrasas in my state.

I will close more madrasas in the coming days. Madrasas have no place in modern India. I want the development of school-college-university to spread good education. Election campaigning for the Karnataka Assembly is going on in full swing. On behalf of the party, Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma went there to campaign. In support of BJP candidates, he has clearly said that he wants all madrassas to be closed and schools and colleges should be built there. Because mullahs are made in Madrasas. And good educational institutions produce doctors, philosophers and educators. Himanta said, ‘Many infiltrators from Bangladesh are entering Assam and creating chaos. I want to stop them. I want all madrassas to be closed. I want schools, colleges and universities everywhere. Let good education spread in the country.’

Incidentally, in the last few years, more than six hundred government madrasas have been closed in Assam on the order of CM Himanta. There has been a lot of debate about that decision. A section of the opposition claims that the rights of minorities are being eroded. But the Chief Minister of Assam did not pay attention to all those criticisms.

Pic: Reference of a Madrasa (Source: Internet)

He instead defended his decision. Along with that, he explained that the BJP will follow the same path in Karnataka in the coming days. Himanta said on this day, ‘India is our proud motherland. But there are many in this country who claim to be proud Muslims or proud Christians. I don’t mind that. But I want there to be people in this country who will always identify themselves as proud Hindus.’ Like in his own state, Himanta also gave a strong hint of Hindutva in foreign states during the election campaign. Now let’s see how much the Hindu vote comes in favor of the ocher camp.



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