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500 crores issued for solar project of Son Beel, one of the largest lakes in southern Assam

Silchar, March 16 : Thursday was truly a joyous day for the people of Ratabari Kendra. Assam’s marginal region is the Barak Valley, the more backward region of the Barak Valley is the Ratabari Region. But in this Ratabari region there is Assam’s famous largest bill, which is called Son Beel. Larger this incredibly beautiful bill has not yet written its name in the book of tourism in India. In such a way, the tourists could not be satisfied, which was the main reason for the failure of the previous government. Current MLA Bijoy Malakar feels that no help was received from the previous government. But in this case, Ratabari MLA Bijoy Malakar is a few steps ahead. He tries his hardest to get his work done and eventually he gets it done. A solar power system worth about 500 crore rupees will be installed in Son Beel under the leadership of Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma. Son Beel’s main problem was the power system. It is very difficult to provide proper electricity for such a huge bill. To say that before that, no matter or the state government did not try so much.

Everyone just mouthed off,’ says it’s gold like but practically nothing was done. On Thursday, Ratabari MLA Bijoy Malakar told that today is a very happy and memorable day not only for the residents of Son Beel, but for the entire Ratabari region, because on this day the development of Ratabari has come out in the mouth of the Chief Minister. The second largest medical college and hospital in Barak Valley will start working within a month or two. This medical college and hospital will benefit not only the people of Ratabari but the entire population living in Karimganj and even the nearby Hailakandi district.

Image: Son Beel (Source: Wikipedia)

Malakar also said, it must be remembered that to place Son Beel on the tourism map of the state and India, real development is needed, which has been happening only by word of mouth so far. During the Congress rule, no work was done for the development of Son Beel, Ramakrishna Nagar and the entire Ratabari. This time Son Beel will not be forgotten as a major center of India’s tourism industry with the help of Chief Minister Dr. Himanta Biswa Sarma. In his words, it must be accepted that Son Beel is a wonderful tourist center. To raise it up required development, and the first stage of this park was electrification, which has become a reality today. MLA Bijoy Malakar thanked the Chief Minister and Finance Minister on behalf of Son Beel and the entire Karimganj for this.



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