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Eviction campaign in the reserved forest area of ​​Karimganj, 76 bighas of land made vacant

After a few days break, the Loairpoa reserved forest area of ​​Karimganj district again demolished about 70 bighas of forest land has been expropriated by the forest administration. 20 illegal constructed houses have also been demolished. The district forest department conducted an eviction operation with the help of excator from Wednesday morning to free the government land from encroachment. With full preparation, ACF Sukhdeb Saha of Karimganj conducted an operation in Chalamana reserved forest area of ​​Longai Beat under Loairpoa Range Forest Department on Wednesday. They demolished 20 slums built illegally on government forest land. Today they freed about 76 bighas of forest land from the encroachers, said ACF Sukhdeb Saha. Meanwhile, the state government Longai Forest Beat Officer N G Malakar said that such operations of the department will continue from time to time.

Incidentally, the forest department has been carrying out eviction operations for the past few years to free the reserved forest areas from encroachment. In this, many mines of Patharkandi, Cheragi, Dohalia and Loairpoa ranges of Karimganj district were freed from encroachment. But after a few days, the forest department had to gain momentum again and again due to illegal construction of houses, fisheries and various tree gardens inside the forest reserve as well as illegally cutting and smuggling the valuable trees and plants of the forest area.

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