AIDSO students protest in Guwahati demanding cancellation of National Education Policy

The historic North Eastern student protest was organized at the district library building in Guwahati on Friday by AIDSO to demand complete scrapping of National Education Policy, 2020 and protection of government education system and development of education system. Extreme enthusiasm and enthusiasm was observed among the students from every state of North Eastern region who participated in the movement.

AIDSO All India Committee President V.N. Rajshekhar delivered the opening remarks. He spoke about the movement led by AIDSO to protect the government education system across the country. Hemanta Pegu, Secretary of the Assam State Committee of the organization raised the main proposal in the orientation chaired by Prajjwal Dev, All India Vice-President of the organization. Also, the former principal of Guwahati Commerce College spoke by highlighting various anti-educational aspects of the National Education Policy 2020, Ghanashyam Nath, Eminent Educationist Mr. Wandel Passah of Meghalaya, Chandralekha Das, Ex-Professor of Dudhnai College, T Rameshwar Singh of Manipur, Professor Dr Srikanth of Nehu. Former Vice-Chancellor of Assam University Tapodhir Bhattacharya also delivered his speech.

Also different students representatives of various states along with representatives of organizations presented speeches. They promised to build a massive student movement across the country against the anti-student National Education Policy 2020. Saurabh Ghosh, general secretary of the organization, said in his speech that the central and state governments of the country have launched a massive attack to destroy secular, scientific, democratic and universal education. He called for strengthening AIDSO to build student movement across the country. He expressed hope that the representatives present will come forward to protect education, culture and humanity in the future based on the right vision and ideals to solve the educational problems of the North-Eastern region. A call to build a strong movement to demand the protection of the government education system and the cancellation of the National Education Policy 2020.