People of Cachar district are in a state of despair. The unprecedented deluge has inundated residences forcing severe losses to the people living in the flood affected areas. River Barak took a devastating shape and flooded into the residential areas especially in urban Silchar overnight.The flood has induced fear among the people residing in the city. After seven days, the water has started to recede and at Annapurna Ghat Silchar the river is flowing at 20.42m as of 6 PM on June 28. While it has fallen from 21.58 meter it is still above the danger level of 19.83 metre.

At this vulnerable juncture rumours and misinformation keep residents awake at night. One such rumour that is spreading like a wildfire is the logic of Manipur releasing water from its dam which will therefore flow into river Barak resulting in the rise in water level.”There are false rumours,” reacted the deputy commissioner of Cachar, Keerthi Jalli.

She added, “There is no such information received from Manipur Govt. Neither our official sources have issued any such advisory. Request public to please not pay heed to such rumours.

“Professor Parthankar Choudhury, Department of Ecology and Environmental Science, Assam University, Silchar added, “There is no Dam in Manipur at the juncture through which Barak river flow into Cachar. So, the argument of Manipur releasing water into Barak is not factually correct.

“The deputy commissioner of Cachar and the Professor of Assam University have made it clear that there is no truth in the logic of Manipur releasing water into Barak. If it rains heavily in Manipur the water will flow into Barak but that is a natural chain of affairs.