Engaging against the fury of the nature for continuous seven days Srikona Battalion of Assam Rifles under the aegis of HQ 21 Sector Assam Rifles & IGAR (East) persistently carried out flood relief and rescue ops in Silchar City of Assam. On 26 Jun 2022, Srikona battalion of Assam Rifles along with Engineer Spear of Spear Corps evacuated a six day old infant with his mother to a safe haven through the highly inundated area of the city.

The child was born on 20 June, the day when devastating floods inundated Silchar city. Upon getting a SOS call about stranded family of the new born, Srikona Battalion launched a swift and coordinated rescue operation to escort the infant and his family to a safer place.

Due to the diligent efforts of the battalion the infant born on 20th Jun 2022 was brought to the outer world safely.

The mother and the child reunited with their family hale and hearty. The relieved and rejoiced family members expressed sincere gratitude towards the Assam Rifles for their humanitarian contribution towards the society.