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Again a house wife had to loose her life for dowry

A housewife named Bappi Begum has been brutally killed for a dowry After killing Bapi Begum, her husband and his family fled from Silchar Medical College on Monday night.

This heinous incident took place in Panchghari village of Silchar Meherpur area The whole area is in turmoil due to the incident.

According to the father of the deceased Bappi Begum, his 20-year-old daughter Bappi Begum was married to a young man named Akhter Hossain Lashkar, a driver of Panchghari village in the Meherpur area.

Bappi Begum has a child, so Bappi was silently accepting the torture only for her child for so long but she has not survived. On Monday night, Bappi was taken unconscious to Silchar Medical College by her husband Akhter.

Her family members, including her husband Akhter, received the news and some people from the area, including Bappi’s father, came and found the body. Bappi’s father alleged that his daughter had been strangled to death.

Bappi’s father Zahirul Islam has filed a case at Silchar Rangirkhari police station against his father Matibur Rahman, mother Jamila Begum and Akbar Hossain. Police arrested Akhter’s father and mother on Tuesday and brought them to Silchar Rangirkhari Police Station.



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