Cachar College to Witness Students Election After 6 Years

Cachar College, Silchar
Cachar College, Silchar

SILCHAR: In a notification Issued by the Principal of Cachar College Vide Notification No: ST/UN/ELECT/2022/467, Students Union Election Date has been declared. 11th of March is Chosen to be the Polling Day & Nomination to be submitted latest by 5th of march, Result to be declared by the same day After completion of counting of votes..

A memorandum was Submitted by ABVP Cachar College Unit addressing Students Union Election to be conducted including other issues. The memorandum was received on 27th of the November 2021 by the Resp. Authority of the College.

The election is going to be occurred after last 2017. Since then no election, no campaign and nothing related to election was held. While nor the College Administration or student was interested to not conduct the election.

An election always provides a leader, who brings the problems facing by the students in front of the administration and it is the democratic rights of the student.

‘Representing the academic interests of students is at the heart of all students’ unions. ‘Being a student representative is so rewarding, especially when you see the change and the impact that you’re having on students during their time at university/College.’

For a long days a strong debate was going on that the election should be conducted or not. But after all that a good news has come for the students of Cachar College after half of the decade.

Cachar College, Silchar
Cachar College to Witness Students Election After 6 Years (Pic Collected from Facebook)

Total 18 no. of posts has been released for the election where the post for President & Vice President is reserved for the students of 5th semester. Post for General Secretary is reserved for all the TDC students whereas the post for deputy General Secretary is reserved for the Higher Secondary Students. Secretary Ladies Section is Reserved for girls students of any class, to be elected exclusively only by girl students. Asstt. Secretary, Ladies Section is also Reserved for girls students of any class, to be elected exclusively only by girl students.

The post for College Magazine, Editor is Open for all the Students Studying in Cachar College and the same reservation criteria stands for Asstt. Editor, College Magazine, Secretary, Sports, Asstt. Secretary, Sports, Secretary, Music & Dramatic Club, Asstt. Secretary, Music & Dramatic Club, Secretary, Debating Club, Asstt. Secretary, Debating Club, Secretary, Boys’ Common Room & Gym. Asstt. Secretary, Boys’ Common Room & Gym, Secretary, Book Bank, Asstt. Secretary, Book Bank.

Nomination paper will be distributed from the Election office of the college (room no- 23) from 2nd of March to 4th of March at the cost of 20 Rs. The paper to be submitted by the interested candidates duly by 5th of march starting from March 3rd 2022. Scrutiny of the nomination paper will be done by 5th March & the valid nomination paper publication will also be done by the same day. Nomination paper can be withdrawn by 7th march. Final List of Contesting Candidates will be published by 7th March. SPECIMEN COPY of BALLOT PAPER will be displayed by 8th March. Platform lecture can be performed by the Candidates and their supporters shall be allowed by the teachers to enter the Class Rooms/allotted Room and Speak briefly before the students only on 9th & 10th of March.

After all that the Final Day appears,11th March is selected as Voting day, Counting of votes will start by the same day 1:30 onwards after the end of poll.

At the end of the day, Student’s of Cachar college have got a hope after getting the approval of election Notice issued by the Principal.

But there is a prestigious college in Barak Valley named Gurucharan College, also in the awaiting list to restart the Student election in College. It’s been 10 Years since no election was held in the College, Last election was held in 2012. Barak Outlet is looking after the matter deeply to get the detailed information. Principal of Gurucharan College has said that he has no objection with the College election but the occurrence of student Union election will depend on time and nothing can be assured at the moment.