Assam University Students in masses undergone protest demanding for the online examination quoting “if the classes went online examination should be online as well”One of the student addresses the situation as they reached the university campus around 8 o’clock morning the university guard didn’t let them enter to the gateway then they head for the DC bungalow they formed a meeting there and processed a appeal in against for the university authority around 12.30 they also regretted of not having the authority (vice chancellor) in presence then the authorities of University sent the GSW to get control over the situation and appealed the students to send their representative to conduct a meeting,, but students protested saying that they have already given notice Memorandum 15 days ago and they only want it in one way which is online exam,,the student also complained about the mode of classes saying 90 % of the classes were held in online although the university authorities still wants having offline exam, but the offline classes just ran till the end of December from the 1st week of the month The student continued, The engineering dept.

Students protesting in front of University Campus

Having online examination at the same time but they don’t they are trying communicating to the authorities from last 15 days in various department but the outcome is negative, protesting students waited for the response from the authority of aus till 8 P. M and assured that they will continue the protest till the right decision made in favour of students as this forced them to went into the protest the only way”