Russian diplomat says India ‘brave’ to ‘withstand US hand-twisting’ on Ukraine vote in UNSC..

Russian diplomat says India 'brave' to 'withstand US hand-twisting' on Ukraine vote in UNSC..
Russian diplomat says India 'brave' to 'withstand US hand-twisting' on Ukraine vote in UNSC..

As India, Kenya, Gabon abstained and China voted against a procedural vote in the UN Security Council ahead of a meeting on the Ukraine situation, a Russian diplomat at the UN thanked the four nations for being “brave” to “withstand US hand-twisting before the vote.” India abstained on the procedural vote taken in the Security Council ahead of a meeting to discuss the tense situation on the Ukraine border.

“As we expected, it was nothing but a PR stunt, classic example of “megaphone diplomacy”. No facts, only allegations and unsubstantiated claims.

“US diplomacy at its worst. Thanks to 4 our colleagues China, India, Gabon and Kenya who were brave to withstand US hand-twisting before the vote,” First Deputy Permanent Representative of Russia to the UN Dmitry Polyanskiy said in a tweet on Monday made in response to a tweet by the US Ambassador to the UN Linda Thomas-Greenfield. Thomas-Greenfield said, “Russia’s aggression not only threatens Ukraine and Europe, but the international order the @UN Security Council is charged” with upholding. What would it mean for the world if former empires had license to start reclaiming territory by force? This would set us down a dangerous path.

“We’ve brought this issue to the UNSC to prevent a crisis before it is upon us. The test of Russia’s good faith is whether they will come to the negotiating table and stay until we reach an understanding. If they refuse to do so, the world will know why— and who is responsible.”. The Security Council met Monday to discuss the situation in Ukraine. Ahead of the meeting, Russia, a permanent and veto-wielding member, called for a procedural vote to determine whether the open meeting can go ahead.

Russia and China voted against the meeting while India, Gabon and Kenya abstained. All other 10 Council members, including Norway, France, US, UK, France, Ireland, Brazil, Mexico voted in favour of the meeting going through. The Council needed only 9 yes votes for the meeting to go ahead. With 10 Council members voting in favour, the meeting on the situation on the Ukraine border went ahead.

In the Council, India said, “quiet and constructive” diplomacy is the “need of the hour” and any steps that increase tension “may best be avoided” by all sides in the larger interest of securing international peace and security The Council meeting, during which Russia and the US clashed, came amid the build-up of tens of thousands of Russian troops on Ukraine’s borders. The action by Moscow has stoked fears of an invasion. Russia denies it is planning an attack.

India’s Permanent Representative to the UN Ambassador T S Tirumurti said in the Council that New Delhi has been closely following the evolving developments relating to Ukraine, including through ongoing high-level security talks between Russia and the United States, as well as under the Normandy format in Paris…