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Covid Treatment: Centre Introduces new Changes

Central experts believe that the most widely used steroid in the treatment of covid increases the risk of secondary infections.

If high-dose steroids are used for longer than necessary, the risk of infection with mucomycosis or black fungus increases. According to the information given by the Union Health Minister in the Lok Sabha, a total of 5,165 people were infected with Black Fungus in India till November last year.

So the center gave new instructions this time with education from there. The guidelines make it clear that injectable steroids do not play a significant role in patients with moderate to mild symptoms. In addition to steroids, there is also a warning about the use of remedicvir.

According to the new guidelines, this drug can only be considered for patients who have had covid symptoms for at least ten days and need oxygen. However, this medicine should not be given to patients who are on ventilator or in ECMO Support.Excessive use of covid treatment steroids at a press conference last week.

However, VK Pal, a member of the policy commission and head of the Central Covid Task Force, warned about this. Meanwhile, in the last few days, a record of Covid attack was made in the country. In the blink of an eye the infection has increased in the last few weeks. But this time the lotus infection increased the relief a lot.

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