China is making artificial moon!

China made an artificial moon after the fake sun.

The reason behind the creation of the artificial moon was an experiment on gravity, so that gravity is completely eliminated from the artificial moon. It tests magnetic energy to discover new ways of transporting and transporting magnetic vehicles in the future and to establish human habitation on the moon.

Chinese scientists have done a small experiment. Then by the end of this year, powerful magnetic-powered vacuum chambers will be created Which will be 2 feet in diameter. So that the force of gravity will be completely removed so that the frog | Can fly in the air. However, frogs have been kept in such vacuum chambers before. “The vacuum chamber will be filled with rocks and dust like the surface of the moon,” said Li Ruilin, a geo-technical engineer at the China University of Mining and Technology.

For the first time on Earth, such a surface of the moon will be created We did a small test of it, which was successful. But the next test took a long time. There are plans to run this test for a long time to maintain a low gravitational force. Lee Ruilin added,

“This test is perfect Once successful, we will send this experiment to the moon. Where Gravity is only a shadow of the earth’s gravity.

Through this, China will find a new way to build a human settlement on the moon. So that the settlement does not fly in the air.Otherwise Humans begin to fly, not walk on the surface of the moon, so this gravity test is necessary to sustain any settlement.